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"Hello World."

For centuries the game of golf has provided ancient lessons, fundamentals and techniques that have proven to be transferrable and applicable to our everyday lives, challenges and decisions. The skills, etiquette and mindset developed along the way are practical and empowering, and when applied to our roles as students, parents, professionals, and most of all human beings, more times than not these attributes have a positive impact on us regardless if we win or lose; the victory is always in the lesson and the experience.

The game offers all of us the confidence and grace to move onto our next shot, whatever the lie may be, with our heads held high and the ability to truly focus on the commitment each shot requires. Which is why ChallengeXccepted Inc. is joining the mission to continue growing the game of golf, by introducing the world's most powerful and challenging sport to new backgrounds and communities, while also re-introducing an uplifting spirit to the game of golf to players and enthusiasts across the world.

Side by side with The Challengers Tour, Project Gold, Sticks For Kids and several other mission driven golf initiatives across the country, ChallengeXccepted will focus on introducing the game of golf to under resourced children and adults, providing them with the proper equipment and access in order to develop their skills and enrich their minds with the wisdom and power the game has to offer. Just like the tee box, fairways, bunkers and greens, we will leave the course better than we found it, and teach our new members to do the same!

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